Bodybuilding at Home: Building a Complete Home Gym book provides the keys to workout freedom

Westminster, MD -- November 30, 2015

Fitness, leanness, strength and muscle are in—fat is out. This is the dream for most. But how to get there? Time and money often place barriers on our fitness endevours. Gym memberships go unused. Treadmills gather dust at home. The path is lost.

In "Bodybuilding at Home: Building a Complete Home Gym", Craig Cecil explains that what we desire for our bodies (less fat, more muscle) is really bodybuilding training and that these goals can easily be attained at home, with a properly equipped home gym. The key is proper planning—matching goals with equipment and training plans.

The book provides both. While the few home gym books available provide some general guidelines about setting up a simple home gym and providing some basic workouts, this book is a mile wide and a mile deep in details about location, environment, equipment selection, sustaining motivation, and providing training plans that can take you from beginner to the highest level of competition. Using the information in this book, your equipment won't go unused and will last forever. No more poor workout equipment decisions or purchases. No more piecemeal approach to getting leaner and more muscular. Strategic planning and execution are the central themes throughout. This book provides the clear path.

"I wanted to write the definitive book on how to go about setting up a home gym that you will actually use, that you can afford, that you will never regret, that will last, and that will transform your body. I think I've succeeded. So, whether you are just getting started and only have $100 to start with, or you don't know whether to get a barbell and plates or a set of adjustable dumbbells next, or can't decide on a treadmill versus a recumbant bike I provide the answers and the plan based on your budget and available space. For those really hardcore and serious lifters, if you are looking at getting a power rack, I explain the dozens of factors you need to consider, such rack height and depth, hole spacing, extensibility, etc. It's all here."

As a bonus, the book includes complete training plans using the specific home gym equipment that you have. These workout plans start with those new to working out with weights, all the way to advanced trainers who want to take it to the next level. Commercial gym results or better, working out at your gym—at home.

"Bodybuilding at Home: Building a Complete Home Gym"

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About the Author

Craig Cecil is the author of the acclaimed book "Supermen: Building Maximum Muscle for a Lifetime" and has been involved in sports and the science of exercise since his days of high school athletics in baseball, through his collegiate career in NCAA Track & Field, to his devotion to weightlifting and bodybuilding pursuits over the past 20 years. During that time, Craig has trained with professional athletes, as well as multitudes of dedicated, ordinary individuals just wanting to build lean, muscular body weight. Craig is a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association and holds an MBA from Loyola University of Maryland.


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