Diet Genie Calorie Requirements Estimator

Calculate your calorie requirements and BMR, based on gender, age, height, weight, body fat (optional), activity level and goal (lose weight, gain weight, maintain). Calculate protein, carb, and fat requirements as well.

Diet Genie     Calorie Requirements  
  Estimated Calorie Requirements  
  Height:  units:  
  Weight:  units:  
  Body Fat %:   (optional)  
  Activity Level:   
  Goal:  per week  
  Daily Calorie Requirements:  
  Macronutrient Ratios          
  Calories:    Calorie Increments:   

(The full Diet Genie product includes many features, such as the Meal Builder, Food Nutrition Label browser and the Calorie Requirements Estimator.)


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System Requirements

Requires Microsoft Excel.

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