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In this game, your body is the winner.

Exercise Gambler lets you play a slot machine game full of over 300 weightlifting exercises (with full performance instructions). Select a body part, number of exercises, and spin the slots to get a new weight lifting workout every time. Never get bored with your workouts or fitness routine again. Your body will improve since no two workouts are the same.

With Exercise Gambler you will be able to learn new weight training and strength training exercises, improve your body, and print workouts you can take to the gym or use online at home. Itís like having a personal trainer at your fingertips!

This exercise program works the abs, back, biceps, chest, shoulders and all other areas of the body. Get your workout underway by curling dumbbells, lifting weights on a bench press or using weightlifting exercise machines.

Exercise Gambler is ideal for anyone Ė whether youíre into bodybuilding or interested in health and fitness. If you want to inject some fun into working out, lose weight and build muscle, Exercise Gambler is a must. In this game, the winner is you!

Customer Comments

"The design of this app is clean and simple. Workouts and exercises become less complicated thanks to the explanations. The slots make the workout fun and unpredictable. This is key to overcoming a boring and monotonous routine."

— Google Chrome Web Store customer

"Great, simple app for maximizing variety in my workout. I like being able to hold certain exercises and re-spin the exercises that I want to change."

— Google Chrome Web Store customer

"Good looking app! Easy to use and great for breaking the monotony of your regular workout routine."

— Google Chrome Web Store customer

"Great application. I found it to be very user friendly."

— Google Chrome Web Store customer


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System Requirements

Works on Windows and Macs.

Requires Google Chrome web browser.

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