FitnessCALC Target Heart Rate Calculator

Calculate your Target Heart Rate (THR) using the standard formula or enter your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and get a more accurate estimate of THR with the advanced Karvonen formula. You can also adjust the cardiovascular intensity selections to match your fitness goals.

        Target Heart Rate
              Estimate Your Heart Rate Zones
                Exercise Zones  
  Age:         100%  
                Vo2 Max  
  Resting Heart Rate:         90%  
                Anaerobic Threshold  
  Heart Rate Results     80%  
  Maximum Heart Rate:           Aerobic Zone  
  Target Heart Rate:       Weight Control / Fat Burn  
  Adjust Intensity:        
    (low)   (high)       Heart Healthy / Warmup  

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System Requirements

Requires Microsoft Excel.

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