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Take the Guesswork out of Working Out

A weightlifting workout log spreadsheet with automated entry of over 300 free weight and machine exercises. Perfect for powerlifters, bodybuilders, high-school and college athletes, or anyone who wants to track strength levels, personal bests and the effectiveness of their weightlifting workouts.

Printable Daily Workout Journal in MuscleCALC Weightlifting log in MuscleCALC spreadsheet Weight lifting performance summary in MuscleCALC

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"People keep asking me what I'm on. I just tell them I'm using MuscleCALC. I've gone from 160 pounds to 200 pounds of muscle in a year."

— R. Aquino

Most people don't build strength and muscle as fast as they would like because they don't have a plan, based on a record of past performance. They don't write things down or they have no way to ensure over an extended period of time they are lifting the correct amounts of weight to stimulate muscular growth to occur. Over time, they cannot remember what their body has remembered.

With MuscleCALC, you won't ever guess what weights you need to choose for every exercise you perform. It remembers.


The MuscleCALC system uses a simple 3 step procedure for recording your workout and providing an analysis tool for you to build strength and muscularity:

STEP 1: Use the printed Daily Workout Journal to record your workout.

Printable Daily Workout Journal in MuscleCALC

Using the LiftScript™ notation system, record your workout in detail with minimal writing. It's quick and easy.

STEP 2: Record your best efforts in the MuscleCALC Spreadsheet.

Record your best weightlifting efforts, based on the notations in your Daily Workout Journal pages.

Printable Daily Workout Journal with a best performance entry circled
Exercise entry in MuscleCALC

STEP 3: Plan your workouts, based on the MuscleCALC Spreadsheet.

Review and print out the MuscleCALC spreadsheet and analyze what you need to do for your next training cycle. (Fold it up, stick it in your gym bag and take it with you to the gym—it's your map to strength and muscularity.)

Sound simple? It is. It works.

Track Your Weightlifting Progess

The Summary feature automatically tracks your weightlifting progress over time or across lifting cycles.

Automated weightlifting performance tracking in MuscleCALC

The Performance sheet allows you to display your weightlifting performace by exercise over time.

Exercise performance tracking in MuscleCALC

Track Your Strength

Use the One Rep Max (1RM) Calculator to help you determine the proper weights you should be using in your workout, in order to improve muscular endurance, size, or strength. If the numbers are going up over time, then you are getting stronger. You can try the 1 Rep Max Estimator live on our website to see how our spreadsheet functions.

One Rep Max (1RM) calculator in MuscleCALC

Using this simple, 3 step procedure, you'll never workout the same again. You'll start thinking about surpassing personal bests with every set you perform (after warmups, of course). It becomes addictive.

The MuscleCALC system will change your body. This system has been used for over two decades with 100% success. Every person who has used MuscleCALC has attained their most muscular level of conditioning after at least 3 months of consistent, dedicated use (given an appropriate diet and rest).

MuscleCALC focuses your entire workout around the central tenet of weightlifting--Progressive Resistance. Except now it has you focusing on maximal exertion of both fast-twitch (Type I) and slow-twitch (Type II) muscle fibers, since you will be attempting to set personal bests across the entire range of repetitions, from low (3-5 reps) and moderate (8-12), to high (15-100).




MuscleCALC is not for electronically recording each of your workouts (that's done on the included paper form) or for creating workouts (that's what Exercise Genie does). Electronically recording each workout is just too time consuming and not worth the effort. The MuscleCALC system, consisting of the paper-based Daily Workout Journal form and the MuscleCALC Spreadsheet puts most of your effort in the gym—not in front of the computer.


When you purchase and download MuscleCALC you instantly receive the following files:

Packaged in spreadsheet format, MuscleCALC is compatible with Microsoft Excel.

The spreadsheet is extremely user friendly, so if you don't have any skill with a spreadsheet, you don't have to worry. And if you don't have a spreadsheet program on your computer, you can download a free one.


If you need additional information or have any questions, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section.


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For the cost of some protein powder, you will have a system that you can use for years to assist you in building more strength and size than you thought possible.

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Customer Comments

"People keep asking me what I'm on. I just tell them I'm using MuscleCALC. I've gone from 160 pounds to 200 pounds of muscle in a year."

— R. Aquino


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Discount Pricing

Add Exercise Genie to your order for only $9.95. Save $10.

Add FitnessCALC to your order for only $19.95. Save $10.

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System Requirements

Requires Microsoft Excel.

Companion Book

The Supermen: Building Maximum Muscle Over a Liftime e-book describes the use of MuscleCALC in an overall weight training system.

Get it and accelerate your progress.

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