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The Complete Smith Machine: Exercises & Workouts

By Craig Cecil
Paperback and ebook formats, 408 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9847414-3-4


The Complete Smith Machine: Exercises & Workouts is the most comprehensive resource ever written about the most popular exercise machine in the world. Whether you use a Smith Machine at home, the gym, or are thinking about buying one, this book contains all the information you'll need to use and master this versatile piece of weight training equipment.

In this book, you will learn:

Written for beginners to weight training all the way to competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders, this book contains the information you need to either get you started or get you past those plateaus and nagging injuries and on to a more stronger, muscular you.

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About the Author

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Craig Cecil has been involved in sports and the science of exercise since his days of high school athletics in baseball, through his collegiate career in NCAA Track & Field, to his devotion to weightlifting and bodybuilding pursuits over the past 20 years. During that time, Craig has trained with professional athletes, as well as multitudes of dedicated, ordinary individuals just wanting to build lean, muscular body weight. Craig is a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association and holds an MBA from Loyola University of Maryland.

Customer Reviews

Even Expert Weightlifters Will Find Something New In This...

"Mr Cecil offers an abundance of tortuous workouts for the novice and expert alike. Being a nurse I appreciate his understanding of anatomy and physiology and suggestions for ways to simplify the exercise or make it more difficult...I have used these workouts in my own home gym and can attest to the soreness that I feel the next day, in a good way....success!!!"

Amazon reviewer

Great information - a must read

"Craig Cecil's Smith Machine [book] is a great resource for anyone interested in good, honest information about how to get in shape and stay that way. I never knew the Smith machine was so versatile. Craig not only describes the exercises, he provides the biology for why it's important. He also offers variations to enhance progress, and caveats to avoid injuries. No hype or hidden gimmicks. Just a great tool for gym rats and novices, alike."

Amazon reviewer


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